Honest & Nutritious Food

Meal times are a fantastic experience for children to extend their social skills, language development and communication. We provide all meals including breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and tea. Our carefully planned menus consist of honest and nutritious foods to help ensure your child eats a well-balanced diet. We are able to cater for children who are vegetarian or vegan, have allergies or other special dietary requirements.

Prepared on-site

All our food is freshly prepared on the premises and our kitchen is a nut-free zone. Meals are provided for children from approximately 12 months. Prior to this we ask parents to supply all milk and food items for their child.

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Exercise & Nutrition

In order for children to develop good lifelong habits it is vital that we talk about where food comes from, grow it, feel it, experience different tastes and develop positive attitudes to healthy eating.

We encourage independent water drinking from an early age and all children are taught the value of water and hydrating regularly throughout the day.

It goes without saying that the freedom to run and move about in wide, open spaces, outdoors, each and every day is the very essence of life at Jubilee. In addition, we also have specifically designed, age-appropriate exercise programmes during which children also learn about the importance of exercise and nutrition with our practitioners.

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Celebrate Good Food

From growing and harvesting foods with our gardener, freshly laid eggs from our hens, learning about food through our farm and fun cooking sessions; children learn to see food as fun, not just fuel, and integral to their daily lives.

We strive to ensure everyone sees eating as a pleasure and an opportunity to sit down at the table with friends, perfect those table manners and celebrate good food.

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