Our Environments

An Encouraging & Unique Environment

Jubilee is a unique environment with wonderful spaces, both indoors and outdoors which encourage child-led learning focused on all the senses. The environment is our ‘third teacher’ and can do much to enhance children’s learning. Our indoor spaces are attractive, homely and engaging and designed for each age group. We are very lucky to be set in 60 acres of beautiful, private woodland and have our own working farm. The children enjoy regular walks to see the animals and delight in the new arrivals in springtime.

Proactive Learning

Our outdoor nursery has been specifically designed, resourced and developed to offer children a rich variety of experiences to discover and explore each day - from our mud kitchen, dedicated play equipment and giant sand-pit to our many different farm animals.


Our Indoor Spaces

We provide safe, nurturing and sensory-rich environments for children. Just as a child might at home, we support learning through play by dividing rooms into different zones so that children can follow their own interests.

We have clear welcome areas and space for the very youngest to safely explore whilst retaining the homely intimacy of a room essential for babies. As children progress there are spaces for sand, water and messy play, mark making, role-play, invention and quiet areas to take a moment and enjoy a story. One common theme which connects all our indoor space is the freedom and flexibility our team have to alter the environment according to the needs of the children.


Our Gardens

Each area of the Nursery has its own dedicated garden, which has been developed to suit the ages and abilities of the children. Our sensory garden is cared for by children and practitioners and is an edible landscape to learn about planting, growing, harvesting and the rhythm of the seasons.

Children have the space and freedom in our paddocks and gardens to learn through movement and feel completely uninhibited.


The Mud Kitchen

We love mud at Jubilee! It’s inclusive of all and allows children to play at their own developmental level.

You probably have nostalgic memories of making potions, flower perfume and the perfect mud pie: growth of imagination and creativity are endless.  We have created a magical mud kitchen for children to play in. It’s what all the best inventors and creatives do!

Mud provides an excellent medium for learning; such rich, engaging sensory play encourages freedom to express creativity without fear of making mistakes while enhancing fine motor skills. Children can practise important social interactions such as co-operation, negotiation, communication and sharing as they work together in the mud kitchen.


Our Woodland

Being outdoors inspires effective learning and what better place to do so than in our enchanting woodland? Imaginations are fuelled as children explore in a safe environment, engaging in imaginative and creative play with each other and practitioners in the great outdoors. Children develop their motor skills through a broad range of movements and learn how to take calculated risks in the natural environment. It’s great for encouraging teamwork, negotiation skills, learning about cause and effect and, of course, developing language and communication skills.

Connected to an ever-changing environment brimming with sounds, textures and smells, children learn to embrace and understand each season and every day is filled with outdoor adventure – from den building, splashing in the stream, Forest Schools to simply enjoying the wood sculptures and wildlife. 


Our Farm

Our farm is an educational playground for young minds. Children can meet a menagerie of animals, from the donkeys and our friendly goats to the chickens chickens laying fresh eggs. There are a rich variety of sensory opportunities: smells, sounds, textures of the surrounding environment and animals and the many colours children spot. Our farm offers a wonderful variety of tactile experiences which often lead to story scenarios for child and practitioner alike. It also provides a clearer understanding for the children of where food comes from.


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